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      The Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau, founded in 1949, is a leading design and engineering organization in the Russian shipbuilding industry, unique by its range of designs and their complexity. The Almaz CMDB today is the leading Russian designer of high-speed craft, small and medium size surface combatants, landing air cushion vessels, mine countermeasures vessels, special purpose vessels and floating docks. OAO ' ''

      Vast scientific and technological expertise of the Almaz CMDB is based on huge experience in design, construction and testing, high proficiency of our engineers, close cooperation with shipyards and leading Russian scientific and research centres. By the Companys designs, there are built about 26 000 units of combat craft, ships and vessels of various applications.

      We are proud to have originated the worlds first missile boat and amphibious air cushion landing ship. The Almaz-developed small missile ships and fast attack craft proved their combat efficiency and considerably changed the makeup of many countries fleets. Our innovations were implemented in a number of unique ships, like an URAGAN automatically-controlled hydrofoil small missile ship, a DERGACH surface effect missile ship and a known all over the world POMORNIK ACV. Extensive research and experimentation held by the Almaz CMDB in close connection with Zhukovsky Aero- and Hydrodynamic Institute and Krylov Research Institute resulted in development and implementation in series production of an unparalleled technology of considerable speed increase and sea-keeping performance improvement without enhancing propulsion units automatically-controlled bottom interceptors system.

      Since 1957, for more than 40 navies there were delivered over 1,000 combat ships, boats, mine sweepers, built by our designs, which proved their high efficiency and reliability. Under the Almaz CMDBs licenses and technical assistance, seven foreign shipyards did and still do build combat craft by our designs.

      Main scope of the Companys activities covers designing:

  • small and medium size surface combatants;
  • high-speed combat and patrol boats;
  • air cushion landing ships and vessels of various applications;
  • mine countermeasures vessels;
  • special purpose vessels;
  • floating docks;
  • motor yachts.

      Our huge experience, creative teamwork, modern production facilities, connections with leading science and research centres and shipbuilding industry let us develop the most sophisticated combat ships, craft and vessels to meet exceedingly exacting requirements of the Navy, Coast Guard, Emercom, and other customers, both from Russia and outside the homeland.

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